At Tindin

In my time at Tindin throughout 2022, I had the opportunity to work on multiple products, first maintaining a legacy system written in pure JavaScript, then joining the team on the newest product, this time written in TypeScript.

For the first month, my only responsibility was to support the old product, where I solved multiple bugs and implemented some missing features while maintaining constant communication with the support team.

After the first month, I started the process of joining the team in the new project, where I was at first just doing some simple features and learning the system structure. I completed this process during the chaos of an event to announce the product, where I was able to help the team figure out where the bugs and the terrible performance were coming from.

Not long after the event, I was already responsible for some core system refactors, implementing impactful features, looking after the database and the application performance, integrating the system with marketing platforms, and assisting the team in their code. During this period, some of the tasks I got were to rewrite the Permission system to accommodate new requirements and find the reason for poor system performance, which led to this post.


Throughout my time at TINDIN, I did this:

  • Supporting a legacy system;
  • Developed and maintained the features of the new company product;
  • Refactors in the structure;
  • Improve system performance;
  • Assisted colleagues with their code;
  • Integrate the system with other platforms.